01 Dec Recognizing and copying text in pictures in OneNote

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Thanks to Koen Daems I discovered how you can use OneNot,e the notetaking program from Microsoft, to copy text from pictures. In OneNote you can make notes that use both text and images off course. And when pasting a photo in OneNote, the sofware will recognize all text in the picture in the background. Very convenient, because when you […]

28 Oct Walk this Sway: There’s a new tool in town

Sway is a new tool from Microsoft that is somewhere between a presentation tool and a web design tool. It’s completely webbased and focussed on ease of use. Even without any design skill you can make stunning webpages and presentations. They look great in every browser, from the smalles smartphone to huge desktop screens.

10 Oct Automatically adding sources in OneNote

OneNote is a free Microsoft program that helps to keep track of your notes. One of the many interesting features is the automatic addition of a source when you copy past a piece of text from a website. Unfortunately this only works in OneNote. I would love this feature in Word! Another limitation is that it doesn’t work for images witch is very strange to me.

16 Mar Cherish your teachers if you want them to shine

“If you want good education, start by “pampering” your teachers.” said Anthony Salcito, VP education at Microsoft. And that is exactly what the company did this week: it brought teachers and school leaders from around the world together for a week of workshops, collaboration and presentations. A great opportunity for the mind of the innovative teacher, but also for the whole person by putting them in the beautiful Barcelona. I was there to explain the “Flipping of the flipped classroom” model and like share what I bring home from the conference.

08 Aug Flipping the classroom, the wrong way

Bill Nye The Science Guy shows an experiment on how air pressure works in a “flipping the classroom-movie”. I saw it on sophia.org, a website that wants to help teachers and students to learn by using the flipped classrooms principle. But if this one movie is representative of the rest, I am quite concerned about the quality of our education.

19 Jun

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For weeks I’ve been writing and re-writing the same blog post about ICT at school. Because how you can I formulate a call to use more ICT, while you making clear that it is actually NOT about the technology. How can a nuance that the we must be cautious about the commercialisation of education, without putting brakes on ICT investment

20 Jan Your students are teaching without you

Anthony Salcito, “Vice president education” of Microsoft says: “Your children are learning without you” during his keynotes. I even go further: they are teaching without you. Just search on YouTube and you’ll be amazed how many meaningfull content is shared by kids today.When I was approached to talk about what moves me in education, that was exactly what I wanted to talk about.

09 Jan Future of KlasCement ensured within department of education.

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It felt like it was the first day of school when I traveled to Brussels to for the first time. My first day in the impressive buildings of the Ministry of the Flemish Community in stead of our small office in Ghent. Because after long negotiations it’s finaly official: KlasCement is now part of the Agency of Education Commounication. Now the project I have worked for, since over thre years in one of the official projects next to Klasse (a magazine for teachers published by the government), Maks and Yeti (magazines for all Flemish speaking children at schools), and more.

02 Jan Designing my first app

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A while ago I got an invitation to attend a “Virtual Academy” about App-development. We would use the Touch Develop platform by Microsoft to get an idea of what development is and to invent an app ourselves. Curious as I am I took on the challenge. The fact that the best app-proposals will be developed with the help of Microsoft developers helped to convince me as well.

01 Jan Have a great 2013

The start of the new year is an ideal time to look back at what has been and what will come. That the tablet hype may go stop (though I expect not), that technology may be considered normal and that social and bottom up also find it’s way into education. And may I also express my wishes for 2013?